Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close?

You press the button on your garage door remote and. . . nothing. It’s been a long day at work, and you’ve pulled your car into the garage and tried closing the door, but now the door just won’t shut. The worst part of it all is that you have no idea why.

You hit the button another time. Again, nothing. What’s going on? There are several possible issues at play here, ranging from the mild to the much more serious.

When your garage door is stuck or won’t close, it’s time to call in the professionals. Don’t attempt to repair the mechanism yourself. A broken garage door may be off-balance or may drop suddenly. This poses a danger to you or anyone else near the door.

Even though you should never try a DIY fix, learning about the possible problems can help you to better communicate with the repair technician and to check for a few minor issues first that don’t involve the electrical or mechanical parts of the door or opener. What are some of the most common reasons that garage doors won’t close? Read on to learn more.

Sensor Set-Backs

One of the safety features your garage door has is a sensor or photo-eye. The sensor prevents the door from closing on a person, animal, car, or another thing that goes under it. If the sensors aren’t working properly, your garage door may not close.

There are a few different issues that can cause the photo-eyes to malfunction. Starting with the least serious option can lead to less aggravation (and less cost to you). If your garage is a storage haven, you may have something blocking the sensors.

For example, the gardening supplies that you left at the side of the garage may have toppled over to block one of the photo-eyes. This can cause your door to automatically reverse every time you try to close it. Make sure to remove everything that is near the sensors before calling in the pros.

Other possible issues that can affect the photo-eye include misaligned sensors and wiring problems. These aren’t repairs that most homeowners can or should make on their own. A garage door professional can evaluate the door for these issues and repair the sensors.

Remote Issues

Your remote may do more than just open and close the door. Some models have a lock-out button that stops the interior opener from receiving signals from the remote. Pressing the main button over and over again won’t do anything to open the door if you have the remote locked. It’s possible that after opening the door, you hit the wrong button, thus preventing the remote from working again.

Refer to your garage door opener manual for information on how your lock-out button works. If you unlock the remote, and the door still won’t close, call in an expert.

Low-Battery Issues

The garage door openers remote control uses a battery for power. Even though the opener itself is wired in or plugged into your home’s electrical system, the remote isn’t. If the battery is too low for the remote to function, it won’t open or close the door.

There’s an easy way to test whether you have a remote issue or not. Get out of the car and press the interior wall button. If that closes your garage, you have an issue with the remote and not the opener as a whole. Try replacing the batteries. If that doesn’t do the trick, a garage door technician can help to assess the situation and figure out what’s wrong.

Other Possible Problems

Along with these not-so-serious issues, your door may have a more serious problem. If you’ve moved the storage stuff that’s near the sensors, made sure that the remote isn’t locking out the signal, and changed the batteries, and still the door won’t shut, you need to have an expert evaluate the issue. Stop your investigation here and leave the rest up to the pros. Problems with cables, springs, and the door’s electrical system require professional attention.

Do you need a garage door repair?  AAA Garage Door, can help. Call us today.

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