Need an Entertainment Space? Transform Your Garage

You can’t always meet at a school, a library, or a church building if you want to host a party or meeting with all your neighbors. Nor can you always meet in the middle of the street or in someone’s backyard. After all, wouldn’t you want to stay inside during a snowstorm or rainstorm?

But you don’t want the weather or a lack of privacy to keep you from hosting community events either. So, if your basement or your living room can’t accommodate your gatherings, you have to think outside the box and look at your garage instead.

Right now, your garage probably acts as an extended storage space for your vehicle(s), your sports and gardening equipment, and your tool bench. But imagine removing all or most of those items and transforming the space into a sitting or activity area. You’ll have enough room for your guests, shelter from the elements, and privacy from passersby.

If you’d like to remake your garage into an entertainment space, follow the steps below.

  1. Call an Electrician and Install Wiring, Light Fixtures, Switches, and Outlets

Unless you have experience as an electrician, you probably shouldn’t mess with the wiring yourself. Hire an electrical contractor to install wiring and other features for you. You can feel confident knowing you received a top-notch installation and that your electrical fixtures won’t malfunction or create a safety hazard.

But before your contractor gets to work, plan where you want outlets, lights, and other features. If you’ll need a projector for presentations or extra outlets and lights for a mini bar, tell your electrician in advance so you can plan the layout together. With this strategy, you won’t have to resort to a power strip or an extension cord later. Make sure you have enough outlets for guests to charge their mobile devices too.

  1. Hire a Plumber If You Want a Mini Bar

If you plan to make your garage into a sitting room, you do not need a plumber. But if you want to have a mini bar or a place to wash up in your craft area, you will need a plumbing expert. Again, unless you have experience with plumbing, you should not do this step yourself. Leave it to a professional so your pipes don’t leak or burst later.

Before you call your plumber, have your house’s blueprints ready and decide where you want your sink or other water feature. Then, you and your plumbing contractor can immediately turn your attention to costs and timetables.

  1. Find a Drywall and Insulation Contractor or Install These Materials Yourself

If your garage already has insulation and drywall, you can skip this step. But otherwise, pay close attention to the tips in this section.

Many people can install drywall and insulation on their own. However, to accomplish these tasks, you must know how to work a saw and a hammer and nails. You also need the strength to lift drywall onto the ceiling. So if you don’t feel particularly strong or handy with tools, have a building contractor handle this step for you. The process will go faster, and you’ll have a lower risk of bodily harm.

  1. Paint the Walls, Ceiling, and Trim in Two-Tone, Neutral Colors

You want your garage entertainment space to look nice, but you don’t want it to look so fancy that you can’t switch decorative styles or transform it back to a garage if necessary. So when you paint over your drywall and trim, choose neutral colors. Popular options include a cream or beige for the walls and a bright or off-white for the trim.

However, this garage transformation is your creative project. If you need bright colors, then by all means use them. But keep in mind that you can use those colors as accents in your accessories.

  1. Polish and Stain the Concrete or Install Carpeting

When you entertain, you can’t have a bald concrete floor. You can purchase rugs for the area if you plan to use it as a garage in the future. Or, you can also polish and stain the concrete to look like wood or tile. The concrete stays sturdy, so you can still drive your vehicle on it if you decide to use the space as a normal garage.

But if you never want to transform it back, go ahead and install carpet. You’ll keep everyone’s feet more comfortable this way. You’ll also make your garage more insulated so your guests stay warmer.

  1. Add Furniture and Accessories as Desired

Now that you’ve finished all the permanent surfaces in your garage, you can turn to furniture and decorative accents. Choose furnishings that look as practical or as rambunctious as your tastes dictate. And don’t forget to choose pieces that caters to whatever kind of clubs, meetings, or parties you plan to host.

A garage may seem boring when you first look at it. But as long as you think outside the box, you can transform this space into anything you wish. You can even make it a multifunctional space that switches between a vehicular storage area and an entertainment center. Use the tips above to get started on your garage’s transformation. 

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