How Key Fob Openers Can Help You

The image of a clunky, handheld garage opener remote is forever imprinted in society’s memory, but an alternative version of remote could be what you and your neighbors are looking for. Many remotes are available in humble key ring fob form, easily replacing the larger remote.

Fobs are often thought of as additional openers, not the main one that you need to carry around. However, fobs function just as well and let you operate the door in a normal manner. These smaller versions can solve some hairy security issues, though fobs are not cure-alls if you live in a neighborhood where security is critical.

If you’ve been having trouble with missing remotes and remotes that are hard to store, or you are tired of the inconvenience, fobs may be all you need to make using that garage door more user-friendly.

You’ll Always Know Where It Is

Key ring fobs attach to key rings, so you can keep these fobs with your house and car keys. You’ll never find yourself hunting for the remote unless you’ve also misplaced your keys. As long as you know where your keys are, you’ll know where the remote is.

That doesn’t make using a key ring fob the answer to all your problems if you have a tendency to misplace belongings. But if you are careful about where you keep your keys, your garage door remote will always be within easy reach too. No more hunting for a remote that may have fallen out of your pocket in a cab or friend’s car.

You’ll Have a Little More Security

One of the problems with remotes is that few people have a good place to keep them. You can’t keep them in the car because if someone breaks into the car and grabs the remote and your registration, your house could become a break-in target. If you don’t carry a bag or have pockets, you may not have anything to carry a remote in.

The fob solves the problem of transporting a remote because the smaller size of the fob allows you to keep the remote wherever your keys are. It would be like adding a few more keys to the ring. These fobs aren’t tiny, but you’re adding about the same amount of bulk as a large key ring decoration.

If the fob is on your keys and the keys go missing, your risk does not increase. Whoever has your keys wouldn’t need the opener anyway. You would have to get a new remote and ensure frequency security if the codes are fixed, like the opener equivalent of re-keying the garage door. However, it wouldn’t be like handing a master key to someone because they’d already have the keys.

If you have an old opener that you’ve maintained well, you might also have a fixed code for your opener. These are easy to clone, which is why newer openers use rolling codes. If you’re about to get a fob, you’d do well to replace your old opener with a new one with the latest code security to add even more security updates.

You’ll Need to Be Careful to Avoid Damage

On the flip side, if you’re constantly shoving the fob and keys into your pocket, the fob could become scratched or the buttons damaged and stuck. You’ll have to be extra careful about how you put your keys away.

Remember, though, that these fobs are designed to rest among your keys. If you find that you’re constantly pressing buttons that you didn’t mean to press, talk to the opener’s manufacturer about cases or different designs that might be available.

When it’s time to replace that old opener or get a key ring fob, contact AAA Garage Door for a look at models and replacement options. A new opener will bring so many benefits with it that it’s worth the cost, and the new key ring fob will make your life much easier.


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