Getting a New Garage Door Installed

Do you need a new garage door? Getting a new garage door installed will both update the look of your home and make your garage safer and more convenient. Here’s what you can expect when installing a new garage door.

Finding the Right Garage Door

Before you get your garage door installed, you will need to figure out which garage door is best for you. Garage doors come in a large inventory of styles and materials, from rustic wood to modern metal.

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Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close?

You press the button on your garage door remote and. . . nothing. It’s been a long day at work, and you’ve pulled your car into the garage and tried closing the door, but now the door just won’t shut. The worst part of it all is that you have no idea why.

You hit the button another time. Again, nothing. What’s going on? There are several possible issues at play here, ranging from the mild to the much more serious. Continue reading “Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close?”

Replace or Repair? The Best Way to Address Your Garage Door Issues

Your garage door is one of the largest components of your home’s exterior. Ideally, your garage door seals off your garage space from the elements, keeps would-be intruders out, and completes the look of your home.

However, damage to your garage door can make it nonfunctional, less safe, or simply unattractive.

Whether this damage comes due to a vehicle-related accident or to wear and tear over time, it’s important that you respond appropriately to protect your garage and your entire home. In this blog, we discuss which situations call for garage door replacement over repair and vice versa.

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What’s the Difference Between Oil-Tempered and Zinc-Galvanized Torsion Springs?

garagedoorwithspringsIf you ever need a torsion spring replacement for your garage door, there’s plenty you’ll need to consider as you choose among the many options available to you. In addition to choosing the right length, wire size, and weight, you’ll also have to decide whether you should use an oil-tempered torsion spring or opt for its zinc-galvanized counterpart.

Both oil-tempered and zinc-galvanized torsion springs offer their own unique sets of advantages and drawbacks. The following takes an in-depth look at both types of garage-door torsion springs so you can decide which option works best for your particular garage door. Continue reading “What’s the Difference Between Oil-Tempered and Zinc-Galvanized Torsion Springs?”

8 Tips for Preventing a Garage Fire

The beginning of a new year is a good time to evaluate your home’s safety features and determine what you can do to update them. Did you know that your garage is one of the most dangerous places in your home? According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are 6,600 garage fires every year, resulting in $457 million in property loss.

Garage doors don’t just impact your garage. They can also spread to your home, causing devastating injuries and property loss. Learn how you can protect your family and your home from the devastating possibility of a garage fire.

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6 Tips for Parking in a Small Garage Space


Whether you’re a first time homeowner who has only used covered parking or you have a new teen driver in your household, you want to ensure that parking in your garage is as easy as possible. Because many garages are used to house bikes, seasonal decorations, and gardening tools in addition to a car, the actual parking space can become fairly small.

In this blog, we list two tips to prepare your small garage for an inexperienced driver and three tips for physically parking your vehicle. Continue reading “6 Tips for Parking in a Small Garage Space”

5 Steps for Refreshing and Organizing Your Garage

The garage is an area of the house many families find gets cluttered and ugly fast. It’s where all that stuff you just don’t know what to do with goes, and the mess can pile up before you know it.

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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage

Mice are one of the most common household pests in most parts of America. These furry little nuisances infiltrate homes, garages, and sheds, leaving behind unsanitary droppings, eating unattended food, and chewing through personal belongings.

One of the best ways to keep mice out of your home is to keep them out of your garage, especially if you have an attached garage.

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