7 Ways to Keep Your Garage Clean During Winter

As snow falls off your boots or melts off your car, you can’t help but notice a muddy, slushy mess in your garage. Although you could spend hours mopping the floor every week this winter, you can’t count on the area staying clean for long. As soon as the next storm blows in, you can expect more runoff, mud, and slush.

So what can you do to keep your garage clean this winter?

  1. Roll Out the Containment Mats

Ice and snow wreak havoc on your concrete. As the water sinks into the porous surface, it then freezes when the temperature drops. Water expands after freezing, and that expansion process damages your concrete, leaving you with pits, chips, and cracks.

Containment mats, however, create a protective barrier for your flooring. They can hold gallons of water until you have time to squeegee out the mats. Furthermore, these mats give your vehicle extra traction, so your vehicle doesn’t slip or slide when you pull out or park.

And when the snow season has ended, you can simply roll up the mat and use it again the next year.

  1. Install Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating does more than make your garage look like a high-end sales floor. The coating also creates an easy-to-clean, durable surface that boosts your home resale value.

Epoxy coating fills in your concrete pores and naturally resists water. Any snow that ends up on your floor simply pools on the surface. You can then sweep the water out to your driveway, or allow the puddle to evaporate on its own.

Worried about slippage? You can hire an expert to add a slip-resistant aggregate to the final coat, so your car doesn’t skid along the otherwise smooth surface.

  1. Sprinkle Fresh Snow

During the summer, you might use your garden hose to spray out any debris that accumulates in your garage. But if you were to try the same technique in the winter, you may find an ice skating rink in your garage.

To keep your floor looking its best, sprinkle some fresh powder throughout your garage, paying particular attention to the muddier spots. Allow the snow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and then use a broom to sweep the snow out of the garage.

The slightly melted snow will dissolve any dirt, grease spots, and oil on your concrete, and the debris will stick to the remaining ice. As you sweep, the snow crystals combined with the broom bristles will act as abrasives, scrubbing your floors until they look like new.

  1. Brush Off Your Vehicle

One of the best ways to keep your garage clean is to prevent the mess from ever starting. Rather than deal with puddles and mop up run off, consider brushing off your vehicle before you park it inside the garage for the night.

While still in your driveway, brush off the top of your car or truck with a long-handled snow scraper or broom. Pull, don’t push, the snow in a straight line to avoid scratching the paint. Don’t beat on any ice that has formed along the body, either; if you break off the ice, you just might pull off some of the trim and the paint along with it.

  1. Line With Cardboard Boxes

If you don’t have the money for mats or epoxy coating, make use of the materials you have around your home. Cardboard boxes from your latest move, for example, absorb a great deal of water and trap some of the road salt before they fall apart.

Once the old boxes have soaked through, simply toss them in the trash, and lay down more boxes in their place. Do not try to recycle the old, soaked cardboard. Most centers don’t take cardboard if it has been sitting in water or if it has picked up any oil stains or gravel from your vehicle.

  1. Invest in Blower or Ceiling Fans

To save homeowners money, most garages don’t connect to a heating or cooling system. Leaving the garage unconnected to the HVAC system minimizes heat loss and keeps monthly utility bills at a more manageable amount.

But without an HVAC system, your garage has limited air flow and higher humidity levels than the rest of your house. As a result, the puddles and pools on your floor may take a long time to evaporate on their own.

If you install a ceiling fan, or you invest in a blower fan for your garage, you can dry your flooring quickly. No need to connect your ductwork to enjoy a dry, clean parking space.

  1. Seal the Gaps With Weather Stripping

During the winter, you may reduce your travel and leave your car parked in the garage for days at a time. Yet despite minimal driving, you may still see ice and snow buildup in your garage.

You can attribute much of your incoming ice and snow to a poorly sealed garage door. Storms can blow ice and snow through the smallest cracks under your door and in between your door panels.

Talk to a garage door expert about sealing your door this winter.

Enjoy Your Clean Garage

These tips will help you keep your garage clean, despite the blustery elements outside. For more garage maintenance tips and tricks, keep checking our blog for more updates and posts.

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