5 Steps for Refreshing and Organizing Your Garage

The garage is an area of the house many families find gets cluttered and ugly fast. It’s where all that stuff you just don’t know what to do with goes, and the mess can pile up before you know it.

In this blog, we go over five simple steps to help your garage feel refreshed and organized.

1. Start Fresh

Trying to organize and give your garage a new, fresh look is incredibly difficult when you just keep seeing all the disaster areas that exist. So start fresh. Clear out everything in your garage—lay out a couple tarps on the lawn and pile everything on top.

Once the garage is empty, start cleaning. You probably won’t be able to get everything sparkling—it’s a garage, after all—but you can sweep out the dirt and wipe down the garage door. Here is where you should do any repainting or remodeling planned.

2. Replace and Repair

Once your garage is clean again, look for any trouble spots that need repairs or replacements. If the release cord for your garage door is old and ratty, replace it.

Have a professional come in and redo the weatherstripping to help keep your garage warmer and drier. Take a look at the motion sensors and reattach them if they’ve started to tilt away from the wall.

3. Donate or Throw Out

Go through that pile of junk sitting in your lawn. Chances are, there’s a good chunk of it that you don’t really need sitting around. Sort through everything and figure out what you can donate or what needs to be thrown out.

Do you really need five hammers? Does anyone actually use those old roller skates anymore? If not, they don’t need to be taking up valuable space in your garage.

4. Use Vertical and Ceiling Space

Now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to fit everything you didn’t toss out or donate back into the garage. If you actually use your garage for parking your car, this is particularly important. The best way to make sure everything fits and you can easily pull in your car is by using as much vertical space as you can.

Vertical Space

You have many options when it comes to vertical space. Shelving, of course, is an option, either shelving you construct or shelving you buy. Make sure the shelves are shallow enough for your car to still fit comfortably.

Magnetic strips are an excellent option for storing tools like drill bits and screwdrivers. Store wood beams in old shipping pallets—many stores are willing to hand them out for free if you just ask. Racks can hang hoes, shovels, and rakes. And pegboards can hold heavier tools.

Ceiling Space

With ceiling space you have to be careful. You need to make sure your garage door can still safely open and close without banging into anything. Additionally, any item that hangs low should stay to the side if you use the garage to park your car.

If you don’t use your garage for parking, you can use heavy duty hooks on your garage’s upper beams to hang bikes, scooters, and skateboards. If there’s space away from your garage door, you can build a shelf that hangs from your ceiling to hold more long term storage such as Christmas decorations.

5. Group Like Items

Now that you have the tools to organize your garage, you can finally start putting items back inside. As you do, make sure to group like items. All the tools and hardware should go in one area, all the sporting equipment in another, and all the holiday decorations in another.

If you have children, make sure anything they need access to, such as sporting equipment, is easily accessible and anything dangerous, such as harsh chemicals, are out of reach.

Start making plans for a stress-free garage today.

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