5 Inexpensive Projects That Will Help You Sell Your Home

When you begin to think about selling your house, your to-do list gets pretty lengthy. After all, you’ve got to find the right broker, decide your selling price, find a new place to live, prepare the kids for the potential trauma of moving, find a storage unit-the list goes on and on.

With everything else on your plate, you don’t have much time to spend on lengthy, expensive home makeover projects and upgrades. Luckily, you don’t have to. Small, easy-to-do projects can completely transform your home and make it appealing to potential bidders. Plus, these projects have a high return on investment, so you won’t be losing money on these improvements.

Below, we’ve got five home makeover projects that will help you sell your home quickly and at the price you’re hoping for.

  1. Redo Your Garage Door

This is an investment with huge paybacks. Garage doors take up a lot of room on a home’s exterior and immediately draw the eye. If your garage door is stylish, modern, and new, your home will look stylish, modern, and new as well.

Because many garage doors are now available in unique styles and colors, you can really make a statement with your garage décor. Your garage door can communicate characteristics of your home that potential home buyers might otherwise miss on first glance-and in the house market, that first glance makes all the difference.

If you decide not to install a new, custom garage door, consider having your old door repaired. A rattling, noisy, or broken garage door can be a real deterrent to potential home buyers.

Garage doors are best installed and repaired by professionals. Talk to your local garage door specialist to discuss affordable, durable options.

  1. Repaint Your Front Door

While you’re performing an instant makeover on your home with a new garage door, consider other aspects of your home’s exterior, like the windows and doors. A fresh coat of paint on the front door can make a home look 10 years younger and seem modern and in good repair.

For your window casings, choose a bright, neutral color that goes well with your home’s siding, brick, or paint job. You can have a bit more fun with your front door, but remember that not everyone likes lime green or magenta as much as you do. Choose a cheerful paint shade that will appeal to a large audience and that matches your home’s style, landscaping, and interior décor.

  1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

When potential home buyers view a home, they’re looking for storage space, and lots of it. Declutter as much as possible-throw it out, give it away, or store it if you don’t use it often. Go through your closets, under beds, and in other storage areas and empty them as much as possible.

Remember, buyers are nosey, and they’ll be checking your storage spaces. Empty all of your closets at least half way to give an appearance of space.

While you’re showing your home, try to remove homey, personal features and store them away. It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but potential buyers are looking for a place to create their own home, and personal items may distract them or make them feel uncomfortable.

  1. Maximize Lighting

Surveys of home buyers show that right after location, buyers look for great lighting in a potential house. A bright, cheery atmosphere sells, so clean your windows, buy new drapes, open the blinds, and let the light into your home.

Replace your current lightbulbs with high wattage bulbs so that even rooms with few windows are filled with light. If you have a room that feels a bit darker than the rest, place a lamp in the room and turn it on when potential buyers come calling.

Light, neutral wall colors will make the home feel brighter, and so will mirrors. Strategically design the interior of your home to reflect as much light as possible.  

  1. Eliminate the “What’s That?” Issues

When buyers come to view your home, they may ask, “What’s that?”-about the peeling corner of the wallpaper, the outdated kitchen floor, the squeaky stair on the landing, or the ugly painting that Uncle Ernie gave to you when you got married. Take a thorough inventory of your home, and eliminate anything that might make potential buyers hesitate to commit.

A major “what’s that?” issue can be a smell. Whether your home has a musty smell in the basement or a taco meat smell from Wednesday’s dinner, a strange scent could bother potential buyers. To give your home a subtle, refreshing scent, pour a few drops of vanilla or lavender oil on your furnace filter, and then turn on the fan. The scent will diffuse through the house and give your home a pleasant odor.


Talk with your real estate broker and household specialists about how you can complete these and other small household improvements. As you make your home more appealing to potential buyers, you increase your ROI and the chances of your house selling at the right price. Best of luck as you sell your home!

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